Mosi oa Tunya Park & all

These are the mounds of rocks that people crush into small pebbles with simple hand-tools
“The boiling point”- a picture of the rapids on the bottom of the falls

image imageToday was a blessed day. We were able to visit Mosi oa Tunya Park (Victoria Falls) which was a great experience. Since Teko and I both have lived in Buffalo for the past 2 years and have experienced Niagara Falls, we didn’t know how it was going to be. Both of us, were certainly in awe of the scenery and of God’s handiwork… Even though all of us were quite surprised when a baboon approached Pedro(the baboon wanted Pedro’s Sprite, so Pedro gave it to him, and we continued on).

Since we had been in Shangombo for about a week, it has been an interesting to transition to a city again. One of the clear realities of the city that I saw was the existence of slum-like conditions just a mile or two away from highly developed neighborhoods. This is quite different than the country areas where the people in the villages are for the most part equal. Additionally, our time in the city has given me a better understanding of the struggle in parts of Zambia to maintain their tribal culture and way of life or to conform to the western culture.
Tomorrow, we will go on a wild-life tour in the morning, before heading back to Lusaka until we return to the U.S.A. on Monday.

It has been a great journey, thus far. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us on the last few days before we return.