Painting St.  Leopold’s Restrooms. 

Our mission immersion experience brought us to Shang’ombo, Zambia. Shang’ombo is located right on the Zambia-Angola border. We are residing in the oblate community here since last Wednesday.  Fr. Pius and his assistant are very welcoming and hospitable. Our stay so far has been great. 

Yesterday, we started painting two sets of outhouses, built for bathrooms purposes. The outhouses are made of 6 rooms, 4 of which will be restrooms,  and the two, showers. These restrooms are built through the generosity of donors from the US. Currently,  parishioners and restaurants use areas fenced with ‘hay-walls’as restrooms. This practice, although common here is unsanitary. The oblates here are very thankful that they will finally have restrooms for parishioners. 

For our part,  we have painted the second coat of brown paint today in the interior of the rooms,  and dark green on the exterior. 

This evening,  we are set to meet the youth of the parish and then  participate in the evening rosary devotion. Tomorrow Sunday,  day of the Lord, we will travel to an outstation for Holy Mass.

As I am finishing this blog,  we are getting some rest, in order to finish another portion of the painting. 

Praised Be Jesus-Christ.