Experience with Shangbombo Parish

After a morning and the early afternoon dedicated to painting the newly created bathroom of the parish,we had the opportunity to visit with some of the groups of the parish. The first group we spoke to was the choir. During this time, Pedro taught a simple song in Spanish, and the choir taught a simple song to us. Then, we spoke with some of the members of youth group, and joined the younger group of kids praying the rosary.

Finally, after the group activities were done, we began to play soccer with the guys… This was something where interpreters were not needed. Pedro and I played for some time with the kids and many of the barriers were broken down.

Although I have experienced  the differences in culture and language(even the English language; the kids were laughing at our accents at first), today was a beautiful day where I saw the family of the Church in both prayer and in soccer.

Thank you Jesus for a blessed day.